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ABHM Proclamation

"On this 26th Day of January 2008, in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the proclamation of Survival day, it is hereby announced that the month of July 1-31st is now proclaimed Blak history month in Australia." - and so it began

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Recognising that Australia is steeped in a rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait history, Blak History Month was proclaimed on the shoulders of giants and a cultural continuum from time immemorial.

July was chosen so as to embrace current celebrations such as NAIDOC week and the Coming of the Light, both of which are community events that serve historic purpose, however it was felt that a day and a week was not enough time given our wealth of hidden history and significant acts of achievement. So we have a 31 day month in which to illuminate our wonderfulness, each year, every year.  Celebrate with US! 

ABHM original poster

Core Values

Blak History Month seeks to be a portal for positive actions by, for and about our communities. Blak History Month exists as a can do peoples movement, not waiting for hand outs or hand ups. It has been self-funded and supported entirely by community volunteers.

Importantly, Blak History Month's only agenda is to celebrate our wonderfulness and share this with the world. As such the possibilities are endless. 

Our Roots

BLAK HISTORY MONTH has humble beginnings. From the solitary act of one to a movement that has spread right across Australia, taking it's place in the world. It's roots lie in the desire for our communities to tell our own stories, to define our own celebrations and to lead on our own ambitions. Fundamentally, BLAK HISTORY MONTH is about empowerment.

Tradition of Diversity

We aim to celebrate our diversity and recognise that there are many forms of achievement and success. We also feel strongly that we have such a wealth of untold stories of achievement from our National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, as well as our ATSI families living overseas, that through this we can begin to shed light on our unsung heroes. 

Embrace the Blak

Taking ownership of language is a fundamental stage in any People's journey towards self- determination. Historically the word black has been used to connote something negative and dis-empowering for the people who have been at the receiving end of race-based insults. We use Blak as an expression of taking back power and control within a society that doesn't encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as opportunity for self-determination as individuals and communities.

Our People

BLAK HISTORY MONTH is indebted to those who have come before us and those who walk with us who have in their lifetime fostered positive social change or achievement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are still in an era of 'firsts' and as a collective people, are frequently breaking new ground and creating a bright future for the mob.

Our Future

BLAK HISTORY MONTH is an opt in movement.  All it requires is for you, your community or your social network to look within your own capacity to think, act and create your contribution to BLAK HISTORY MONTH. It could be as simple as sharing the information through your networks or alerting teachers at a local school to the free resources that are available to them. Why not get a group together and host an event, or create a BHM themed activity for your organisation in July. It starts with you.

Meet The Writing Team


Sam Cook

Madison Prince

Juliette Hubbard


Leesa Watego


Interview with Samantha Cook, Founder Australia's Blak History Month

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